Bratislava - Spitz

Bratislava - Spitz

The scenic Wachau Valley - wine country, fine wines, baroque wine bars, hiking trails marked with wine-bottle-sighns - this all offer Spitz.

Boat departures

20.7. 2019

Line 1
Break 5 hours 15 minutes


Speedboat METEOR

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Travel tickets

Ticket price *

Front + Middle

Rear saloon


€ 51,00

€ 46,00

Children (2 - 15 years)

€ 37,00 

€ 34,50

* Ticket price includes a Slovak speaking guide - expert interpretation during a cruise + city tour

Facultative services:

In case of interest min. 10 people offer wine tasting:

At 12:00 and 13:00, 45 minutes, tasting of four different types of wine and one sparkling wine from the region in a local family winery, interpretation, interpreting interpretation - price 13, - EUR / adult


We offer tea, coffee, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages during boarding.

On-demand services:

guide and professional interpretation, catering

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Important information:

  • The cruise will take place with a minimum of 60 people.
  • The arrival of passengers 15 minutes before the departure of the ship!
  • A child under 2 years of age accompanied by a parent travels free of charge without having their own place.
  • When traveling abroad, you must have valid travel documents (ID card, passport).
  • During the voyage there is a professional interpretation and a tour of the visited city with a guide (without inputs).
  • Port charges are included in the ticket price.
  • There are no discounts on the voyage (students, seniors, FTP, family tickets).
  • Bicycles and dogs are not allowed on the voyage.
  • Pontons are wheelchair accessible. Due to the presence of three stairs when boarding the ship, boarding is difficult for wheelchairs. There are no barrier-free toilets on the ship.
  • The ship is divided into salons. The reduction of 5€ from the price of the regular ticket is offered in the back saloon due to the higher noise level caused by the engine located on the back of the boat.
  • General conditions of carriage are part of the shipping timetable.
  • SPaP - LOD, a.s. reserves the right to change the prices, schedules in view of facts not known at the closing  time of the Cruise Timetable 2019:
  • Deadline for the 2019 cruise liner: December 2018.

We will provide you with detailed information in our travel agency.

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