Gabčíkovo round trip

Gabčíkovo round trip

Attractive 3-hour speedboat cruise to the Gabčíkovo waterworks with the crossing of the lock chambers.

The navigation chambers allow to overcome the height difference between the inlet and the waste channel in the range of 16 - 23.3 meters. Each of them has a width of 34.0 m and a length of 275.0 m. Filling and emptying the shuttles takes approximately 15 minutes.

Boat departures

01.05. / 01.06. / 21. 07. / 11. 08 / 15.09.2019

Speedboat Meteor

Speedboat METEOR

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Travel tickets

Ticket price *

Front + Middle

Rear saloon


€ 23,00

€ 18,00

Children (2 to 15 years) *

€ 17,00

€ 14,50

* Ticket price is inclusive of Slovak speaking guide - interpretation during cruise

In the case of non-payment by the shuttle due to adverse weather conditions, travel is not refundable


We offer tea, coffee, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages during boarding.

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Important information:

  • The cruise will take place with a minimum of 60 people.
  • Boarding is possible 15 minutes before departure.
  • There are no discounts on the voyage (students, seniors, FTP, family tickets).
  • Bicycles and dogs are not allowed on the voyage.
  • Pontoons are wheelchair accessible. Due to the presence of three stairs when boarding the ship, boarding is difficult for wheelchairs. There are no barrier-free toilets on the ship.
  • A child under 2 years of age accompanied by a parent travels free of charge without having their own place.
  • In the case of an unplanned event due to adverse weather conditions, travel is not refundable!
  • The ship is divided into saloons. The reduction of 5€ from the price of the regular ticket is offered in the back saloon due to the higher noise level caused by the engine located on the back of the boat.
  • General conditions of carriage are part of the shipping timetable.
  • SPaP - LOD, a.s. reserves the right to change the prices, schedules in view of facts not known at the closing  time of the Cruise Timetable 2019:
  • Deadline for the 2019 cruise liner: December 2018.
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